audio-visual and journalistic productions

Video productions for television and web, motion graphics, cartoons, web productions, and much more...

Video productions

  • Video advertorials
  • Advertising spots
  • Explanatory cartoons
  • Music Videoclip
  • TV and Web Formats
  • Editorial services for the media
  • Corporate design

Video advertorials

Realization of short and long advertising films for the promotion of companies and their products. Interviews, shooting, video editing and texts for narrating voice. 2D, 3D graphic animations and expilicative cartoons movie. Everything is sounded with royalty free music music free from rights or composed for the customer.

Advertising spots

Advertising communication with the conception of the right message based on the target of the client or his product. Everything is conceived through the approval of the idea and the storyboard by the customer.

Explanatory cartoons

Realization of whiteboard or color cartoons, ideal to explain the operation of initiatives and products or production processes.


Pre produzione

Ideazione e pianificazione del lavoro, dei tempi e del budget di produzione. Approvazione e delibera ai lavori.



Produzione secondo storyboard o piano di lavoro avvallato in fase di pre produzione. Riprese, montaggio video, color e sonorizzazione.



Diffusione del prodotto finito con supporto di materiale promozionale.

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