Website creation
Promotional videos
Trade fair stand


DMGlobal, or Digital Money Global, is a young platform with its own cryptocurrency and a project partly aimed at providing ATMs and POSs for transactions between currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Website creation

The site is designed to be a purveyor of cryptocurrency.

DMGlobal promotional video

The video was commissioned by the creator of the platform, who expressed the wish to be able to put his face on it, so as to make it clear that we are talking about a concrete, serious and existing project. Technically, the video was made with three cameras, lights, an audio collar for the interview and aerial shots with a drone.

Trade fair stand

The stand was constructed in accordance with the stand space, taking into account that in front of the panels there would be, tables, chairs, people and a screen for video reproductions.

Flyers & gadgets

T-shirts, pens, flyers, business cards, and other media were also produced for DMGlobal.