Product photos, advertising photos, portrait photos, event photos

Professional photos, for every need

Possibility of studio photos, with background and lighting, as well as outdoors. All photos are computer edited to enhance the visual effect. Including corrections of defects, such as wrinkle removal, moles, scarring, tattoos, figure reshaping, etc.

Colour correction
and visual effects

Many times one does not realise the work behind a beautiful photo. In this case, in addition to already being beautiful, the photos have been enhanced with colour correction and some light and dark retouching that enhance their beauty even more.

Replacing the background

Background replacement, for creating fantasy book covers or other genre. In this example, we see how I replaced the background and blended it all with the use of colour correction and some retouching.

Figure modelling
and removing people

In the following two examples I have modified the figure of the girl, and removed a few aesthetic flaws. While in the second picture an unwanted person on the right of the frame has been removed.


Selection of some photos taken for different clients.

The photos were taken by assembling a mini photo set, including table and lights. The set was set up at the restaurants themselves, and the photos taken over one or more days, trying to photograph as many dishes as possible on the same day.


Selection of photos taken for Hotel La Perla, Ascona. The photos were taken with the use of a drone for aerial views, and a photo-graphic camera and lighting to enhance the surroundings.

Photos with models

Selection of some photos with models and extras for advertising purposes. Photos taken with indoor and outdoor lighting.


Selection of some photos taken for events at the INFINITO rooftop Ascona. The lounge bar at the Hotel La Perla