Luis Landrini

Website creation
Music Videos
Social promotions
Covers and Posters

Luis Landrini

Italian/Spanish singer born in Switzerland. Finalist in Xfactor and Areasanremo. He is currently a regular guest on RSI1's Swiss programme 'Via Col Venti', on air from Monday to Friday. Several music videos, photos, flyers for concerts and graphics for social promotions have been produced for the singer.

Website creation

The site was designed to be easy to navigate and to be a point of reference for booking and concert dates.

Cover and flyer

Photos and graphics for cover songs on online music platforms such as spotify, iTones and flyers to promote concert dates.


Sogno was the first video made for Luis, using two cameras, and professional lighting.

Living there forever

For this video, a storyboard was created, and casting was carried out to find extras. Video realised with two cameras, professional lighting and the support of a production team.

Tell me tell me

Designed to be performed and interpreted within a decadent playback structure.

Only you

Solot tu is a song with a deep meaning, about universal love that overrides differences in culture, religion and gender. That is why it was important to start with a good storyboard and a search for extras that could tie in with the context of the song. Made in the studio, with professional lighting and two cameras.


Destiny, was realised with the new blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6k Pro. Professional lighting and a supporting production team. All filming was based on a very detailed storyboad and the extras were chosen by casting.

Social Promotions

Example of promotional graphics for a concert declined for different social media, Instagram and Facebook above all.